What’s up good people…It’s that time again for another edition of SubSoul Fridays! This week, we wanted to show case the people that get the party started, that keep it grooving, and occasionally might “save your life”. That’s right, we’re gonna give the DJ a lil luv this week.

There was no way that I could do a DJ post without repping for the “A”, but I definitely wanted to show some love to my current home “Naptown.” So this week, we’re gonna showcase to you 3 soulful DJs that you definitely need to educate yourself about. They are DJ Kemit, DJ Doc, & DJ Metrognome. I’ve had the pleasure to see all 3 of these guys live in action, and they know how to rock a party. If you’re ever in Atlanta or Indianapolis or if these cats are ever in a city near you, definitely go check them out. Here’s some sounds to listen to and how to get more info on these guys.

DJ Metrognome – Indianapolis

I’ve had the pleasure of working with DJ Metrognome on several occasions and he’s one of the first people I call when I need a DJ for an event. If you’re ever in Indy, check him out on Tuesdays at Coaches Downtown (one of the city’s longest running Hip Hop nights) or Fridays at Tantrum Lounge in Castleton. Check out his  latest mixtape “Soul Supreme Vol. 2″  below and follow him on twitter at @djmetrognome.

Soul Supreme v2 by DJMetroGnome

DJ Doc

DJs Doc has been holding down things in the “A” for years as one of the cities hottest mixers. I can remember being in undergrad listening to Doc rock with fellow “SuperFriends DJ” Mars at all the hottest parties back in 2000 – 2003. DJ Doc can be found now teamed up with the lovely Jodine (of Jodine’s Corner) for their weekly  Spasmodic Movements Radio show. Definitely check out the their show each Saturday morning on BeeHiveFM.com and check out the latest project from DJ Doc below. Follow Doc on twitter at @djdoc22.

DJ Kemit

DJ Kemit is the soulful mind behind the new monthly event series in Atlanta call “Spread Love.” I’ve been following Kemit for a few years and he’s a name that you might want to keep an ear out for. More than just a DJ, Kemit is an established producer with production credits for neo-soul star India Arie and rising star Anthony David just to name a few. What sets Kemit apart from a lot of his peers is he ability to blend styles like soul, jazz, pop, Latin afrobeats, disco, deep house together in one mix without missing a beat. Keep up on Kemit on his Facebook page and by following him on twitter at @djkemit. Check out a live mix from the February edition of  Spread Love below.


I hope you enjoy these mixes… Stay tuned next week as we bring you a few more of our favorite DJs

Soulfully Yours,