So…it’s one of those rainy days here in Indy…you know the ones where you just want to cuddle up with that “special” person in your life and just lay around ALL day…Unfortunately, I’m stuck in the office, but my mind was off wondering and thinking about different music that would be great for a day like to day. One of the first songs that popped up in my mind was Andre 3000′s “Prototype.” So, I thought I would send out a Tweet/Facebook post of the video for those who were having similar thoughts as myself to enjoy. While I was searching for the video, I realized how many people have actually covered “Prototype” for their own underground solo projects….and some of the versions were really dope. Here’s the original “Prototype” video and a few of the cool covers by Jesse Boykins III, KatrinaBello & KaoVanny, and my homie Bobby Staten.

Prototype_ Outkast the love below by lasc35


Jesse Boykins III | Prototype 3010, a short film from LightUp Film on Vimeo.

Andre 3000 – Prototype by @bo88ylee