Mic Check 1 2 … 1 2 … *Taps microphone* Is This Thing On!!!

Yes, It’s been a long time since my fingers have graced these keys to bring you a SPANKIN NEW DaCreatives post! Today’s inspiration comes from one of my favorite artists…the lovely Chrisette Michele.


Chrisette is one of those artists that it you can’t just help to fall in love with her music. From a technical standpoint, she’s one of the baddest vocalist in the game right now. Hands Down! Then on a emotional level, her songs have that ability to stir up a lil something in your soul.

As she gets set to release her 4th studio album entitled “Better”, I’m loving the new hipster vibe/lifestyle that she’s showing us. It’s a very refreshing and captivating feel that you get from Chrisette when you listen to her talk about her life now and the inspiration behind this new album. What I like the most about the build up of this album is how she’s inviting her fans to see a closer look into her life with her “Journey to Better” web series. Check out the series below to get a look at Chrisette and her friends/bandmates as they travel the world and build up to the release of “Better”

Hope you enjoyed the footage and be sure to cop Chrisette’s new album “Better” when it drops on June 11th.

Until Next Time (which I PROMISE will be soon)….Soulfully Yours,