We are The Creatives…a view into the anarchy of the civilized mind… We say the things that you want to say, but are afraid of how society will judge you if you say it…We are the constant battle between your outer and personal thoughts, good vs. evil, right vs. wrong…We are a collection of ideas that are against the norm,we buck the system…we are trendsetters, the cool persona that you dream of being…we are thought provoking, speakers of truth…WE ARE DaCREATIVES…ENJOY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

Ok, for real. We are enjoyers of music and life. We are students of love. We hope that through our words and reflections, that we can take you on a small escape of your daily norm and experience the thoughts/ideas of a DREAMER. This our semi-personal blog into the life of DaCreatives….