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Last Fall, we rededicated ourselves to this blog and bringing our readers more content: great music, great events, and more topics into the personal life of DaCreatives. And with that commitment, we’ve introduced a few new categories: Introspective, SubSoul Fridays, Really Dope Ish, and Sunday Morning Praise.

Today, we’re introducing 2 more: Lyrically Speaking and Love.Passion.Relationships. We’re looking forward to posting some of our favorite lyrics and some compelling love, passion, and relationships posts for you to read and comment on real soon. WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK SO PLEASE MAKE COMMENT S!!!!


We’re Back….

We’re Baaack…lol.

Yes, after several weeks (okay months) off, my creative muse has returned and we’re back to enlighten you with our wise cracks on nightlife, music, and life in general. The time has “TRULY” been a growing experience….somewhat painful at times, but all in all a growth that was needed. We this growth also comes a new direction for this blog. We drifted away from the original intention on the site and the only update were basically outrageous and basically BS twitter comments. Gone are those times (even occasionally, there may be a twitter rant that we’ll just have to discuss with ya’ll, lol).

So here’s what you can look forward to with our new direction:

  • More personal tweets into the life of Da Creatives and our journey towards GREATNESS
  • More weekly topics/posts on great music
  • More posts of real life situations and topics to stir up real dialogue and conversation.

So hopefully over the next weeks, you’ll continue to come back experience the growth of Da Creatives….also known as ME, Myself, and My Other Self

Your Truly,

Da Creatives